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It’s been a very very mucho long time since I’ve made a post of any sort, regardless of it being here or iam.kiamsiap.com. Anyway, just dropping by to say wassup and hi. Been busy with the girl, so can’t answer much calls now.. but I will ‘promise’ to update soon enough again, hehe =P

Just after my last post on this site, a weird phenomenon was observed at this sites main page. The design was completely massacred, all columns and headers disappeared, and all styles reverted back to browser default.


A quick check on other WordPress hosted blogs, namely the famed Scobleizer showed this messy Scoble blog.

Wordpress Scoble CSS Messup

Even the FAQ page was all messed up.

Wordpress FAQ CSS Messup

Perhaps this is merely a sign of the WordPress 2.1 update not flowing so smoothly.

Just logged into Google this morning to notice a slight change to the personalized page. Previously, the personalized page widgets would normally pull the headlines/title of the RSS feed, and display just the headlines. Well, now, Google has just added a small “+” sign next to the title, whereby clicking on it expands it and displays a snippet of the feed item.

Google’s New Personalized Home

This was one of the main issues with Google’s Personalized page previously, as you would be forced to click a link, simply because the title ‘looked‘ interesting. It was almost becoming a Mystery Meat issue. Kudos to Google for their constant and subtle improvements to their pages. Now if only they would change all their navigation to the Ajaxy Google Reader widget.

Google Personalized Home G.Reader

Update #1 – Google Operating System says that this is a new test rollout by Google, and only available on some personalized homepages. Oh, I’m a lucky one.

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